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Another argument for originality in branding

  • Posted: 3:07 PM
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  • Author: Mikal J. Caldwell

So this guy, Les Otten is running for Govenor in 2010 in Maine. So like most candidates do these days, he got himself a website....that looks alot like a certain former presidential candidate whose name also begins with "O."

There's a lot of debate on this one, for some reason. Let's be real here, anyone that looks at the site will see the similarities. From the logo to the font choices, the site is an obvious ripoff. For his part, Otten is claiming no Obama influences. Umm...okay Les. If you say so. Click here and judge for yourself.

Either way, here's the lesson for you: BE ORIGINAL! That doesn't mean that you can't riff of of something else that's out there, but make sure it's either an obvious (and intentional) parody, or that you've made enough substantive changes that it becomes something new that's just slightly reminiscent of what came before. Your brand is unique, so take the time and create ways to communicate that uniqueness.

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