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2010 Marketing Resolutions

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  • Author: Mikal J. Caldwell

Every year, millions of people make resolutions for the new year. I thought I'd take some common ones and apply them to your marketing this year. Just make sure you actually keep these resolutions!

Resolution #1 - Lose Weight

Look at your marketing efforts last year and determine what your winners and losers were. Get rid of the losers, focus on the winners. Be cut-throat about it, even if your "favorite" tactic is one that gets cut. First rule of doing more with less is to eliminate wasted resources.

Also, be sure to examine your strategy for holes, such as unrealistic goals, or no measure of effectiveness at all.

Resolution #2 - Quit Smoking

Every smoker (no offense intended to my smoking audience) breathes in harmful chemicals and toxins when they smoke. Why would someone do this? Because it's become a habit and it's easier than quitting. Well companies do the same thing with their hiring practices. One of the major components of brand integrity throughout your organization is hiring the right people. "Best qualified" should also include personality fit with the image and personality of your brand. Anything else could cause organizational cancer.

Resolution #3 - Save Money

Umm...I think you get the idea.

Resolution #4 - Get Married

I'm a huge proponent of reciprocal marketing. Find a business you can develop a cross-promotional marketing relationship with. Good cross marketing partners should be in a complimentary market that has a similar demographic to your target market. In other words, you should appeal to similar customers. You agree to promote their business with yours and they agree to do the same. It's a simple, cost effective strategy that can produce some amazing results with the right partner.

Have any more? Let me know and post them in the comments!

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DHII said:

These are great, and I promise to keep them.