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Authenticity is essential

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  • Author: Mikal J. Caldwell

I always tell my clients that your company's brand is like a personality and your marketing should put that personality front and center. Your customers should come to know your brand the way they would get to know a person. They should be able to characterize your brand in human terms.

With that in mind, social media can be a powerful medium to communicate your brand to your audience. The nature of social media is that it connects people to interact and communicate with each other. The problem is, most people try to express their own personality, instead of their company's personality. Worse, they don't express any personality at all!

If you understand the personality of your brand, you can use that "persona" to bond with your audience in a remarkable way.

For example, if your brand personality is "friendly and helpful," then you can express that in the content and tone of your blog, your facebook and twitter updates, etc. A lot of people shy away from social media because they don't want to "put themselves out there." Or they don't use it properly and make it just another advertising medium.

The reality is, the people that populate the social media world are there to connect with people. The companies that use social media well are the ones that make their brand a person, and put that person out there for their audience to get to know. Dell has done a really great job with expressing their brand personality through the content on their social media pages.

In some cases, companies will actually create a person. TGIFriday's is a great example with their recent "Friend Woody on Facebook" promotion.

The point is, you have to know your brand personality, and then express it with authenticity thoughout all of your marketing.

Remember, bE Extraordinary today!

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